While a copywriter is typically employed to write sales letters, brochures, websites or ads, he can prove valuable in the area of social media marketing as well. This can be very effective because it does not always have to look like a marketing ploy. For example, Twitter accounts don’t usually contain much information about the business, while a Facebook business page can contain a lot of information and will take more time to set up. The resources listed below are a great way to get the knowledge and information you need to go into business for yourself and become a successful Social Media Strategist. Once all the calculations have been made, you will have calculated the return on investment for your campaign. Finish the estimates by assigning team members various tasks. Make sure to update it often and keep track of everything you do in all of your client’s accounts. Be sure you have the staff or time to devote to monitoring the messages, conversations and engagement that occurs on social media.

Establish yourself as an expert in your industry by helping others online and on your social media profiles. Doing this can help generate more business back to you. Search the social media sites for people asking questions related to your industry and provide helpful answers. As time goes on, more and more visitors will be funneled to your profile and therefore to your business.

145Front051216 Through some of the apps, like Periscope and Facebook Live, people are really using those tools to communicate right now with their audience instead of a taped message. The appeal is that live streaming video provides a more immediate and intimate relationship with viewers, versus pre-taped video posted to an older channel, such YouTube video, which doesnt offer a lot of interaction. There is a lot of interaction on these new types of platforms, Ramsey said. While some of us check our social media apps an embarrassing number of times each day, hour or minute, some people just dont like the platforms. Find the right social media platform for you, Ramsey said. Each platform has a different audience, interface and intended use, so just because you dont enjoy one form of social media doesnt mean you should swear them all off. Instead, she encourages people to pick one or two and do them well instead of trying to tackle all of them. Many professionals have LinkedIn profiles, but dont utilize the social media site to their full advantage only 25% of women online are on LinkedIn, according to the Pew Research Center. But does that mean users should scrap their profiles? LinkedIn is the place to tell the story about your job history, Ramsey said. While a resume only gives you space to offer a few bullet points about what youve accomplished in recent positions, on LinkedIn you can take as much time as you need to sell yourself. LinkedIns Pulse feature allows users to publish articles directly to LinkedIn which is a way to get noticed by others in your industry, she said.

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Social media thrives on instant, real time communication, so you need to be able to respond to any feedback in a timely manner. If you’re promoting your business on multiple websites, let your audience know that. Each offers you the ability to customize your site, add pictures, import YouTube videos and add Twitter feeds. Businesses use social media networks as part of their marketing strategies to inform consumers about new products, build brand recognition and increase their overall on-line presence. You can even include guest floggers – experts who share their knowledge — and you gain in reputation by your association with them. Use this feature to an advantage and use your social networking sites for a very public customer service platform. Verify that you are participating actively on the sites that can yield the results you want. Gain visibility by offering a special discount, tip or link to your business website.