Its just a plain old handout, by a county government thats more than $1 billion in debt , of which Budish recently said, our credit-card is maxed out. During the 2014 Sin Tax campaign, the main point that the team-owners and their surrogates consistently made in favor of the subsidy was that the public owns the sports-facilities and thus has obligations to maintain them . Of course, this claim is ridiculous for reasons that have been discussed over and over again, including that theres no good reason that the owners, who purport to be our partners, cant revisit the terms of these obligations that were negotiated three decades ago. But the point here is that with this latest handout, the owners cant even make this argument. And even when they could make the specious obligations claim in 2014, the majority of Cleveland voters and 44% of Cuyahoga County voters still rejected the subsidy at the ballot . They did so even despite the owners $3,000,000+ misinformation/psychological warfare campaign where they bombed the local airwaves with baseless threats that one of the three teams would leave town if the subsidy didnt pass. So what we have here, first, is a Mayor who rubber-stamped this handout even though his constituents have already told him that they dont approve of such subsidies even when the public is allegedly obliged to make them. And with respect to the County Executive, Budish, it should be noted that the County voters who did approve the Sin Tax in 2014 were largely from the wealthy outer-ring suburbs, people with no concern for public schools, infant-mortality rates , or any other alternative public uses for these countless millions.

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