— A man who was being questioned in connection with Tuesday night’s double homicide in Dongan Hills is no longer believed to be involved in the slayings, a source with knowledge of the investigation told the Advance on Thursday. The source said the person being questioned by police was a former employee of Universal Merchant Funding, the loan business where two men were found dead. Carl Clark was fired from his job at Georgeson Inc. in 2012 after he told the Securities and Exchange Commission that his employer was allegedly buying the data in exchange for cash and gifts ,according to a report in the New York Post. The two victimswere each shot three times in the head in a rear office at the business, locatedat 124 Buel Ave., police said. The shootings were done at close range by a person who likely knew one or both of the victims, police said. Robbery does not appear to be the motive since nothing obvious was takenfromthe business, police said.


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