These bumper revenues allowed the company to pay off all of its loans early, with the final payments made on December 31, 2016. Owner-controlled UNITEDPRINT SE, one of the worlds leading online print shops, thus started 2017 completely self-financing, debt-free, and with considerable capital resources amounting to the tens of millions. This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here: While many players in the Web-to-Print market rely heavily on borrowed funds from capital investors driven by short-term developments on financial markets and relinquish their entrepreneurial skills to outside managers who bring limited success, Unitedprint is much more independent. The entrepreneurial spirit the company had at the very beginning remains very much at its core, producing successful, profitable and sustainable growth based on its inherent, organic operational strength. Unitedprint will invest these newly released funds in its around 700 employees, with a view to further increasing productivity and efficiency and continuously improving its range and performance. The company anticipates much lower prices and faster delivery times as a result, and will soon embark upon a major expansion to its product portfolio, both for its customers and the market in general. Holm Winkler, Managing Director for Finance/HR/Legal, had this to say: business commercial loans We are thrilled and of course extremely proud that we have been able to pay off all our loans early through our own hard work, and are now 100% debt-free.

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