The Tiny House Building Company in Fredericksburg, Virginia, notes on its website that they offer financing through a partnership with Peoples Community Bank. Unique deals like this allow some to live tiny. I think the issue here is not necessarily a lack of demand, but a lack of demand commensurate to the supply of large-scale home builders, says Austin. Tiny houses are a rapidly growing market, but still a very, very small one. At this point, the volume might not provide sufficient economies of scale to well-established, non-bespoke home builders to be worth the initial outlays. That may or may not change as the movement grows. This sentiment was confirmed when Salon reached out to the National Association of Home Builders, where a representative for the organization said that not many of their members specialize in this niche field. Those who have the perseverance to figure this all out are generally pretty determined and pretty do-it-yourself, and this may be why so many folks looking to go tiny choose to build themselves, pulling some demand out of the established home-builder market, Austin says. A volunteer group known as the American Tiny House Association emerged in 2015 as a voice for change. Theyre the definitive starting point for bringing the revolution to your town, and offer a useful How to Initiate Tiny House-Friendly Zoning Changes guide on their website. At the local level, theres evidence that this type of advocacy can be effective.

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